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Maple Valley Whole House Remodel

    Saturday, April 27 |  11 am – 5:00 pm

    Location: Maple Valley

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Energy Efficient, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Biophilic Design

    Welcome to our home, which we purchased nearly six years ago. As a remodeling professional, I didn’t anticipate starting a project on our new home so quickly but it became evident upon move-in that phase 1 was imminent. Over the past six years, we’ve taken a phased approach to remodeling, adapting the home to the evolving needs of our family. It has also allowed us to incorporate our own goals and priorities in our home. Over the years this has become my testing ground for products I recommend to clients.

    During your visit, you’ll find a basement remodel featuring universal design and carefully chosen materials for durability, indoor air quality, and sustainability. On the main floor, the kitchen emphasizes durability and reuse while maintaining the home’s character with a modern aesthetic, and the bathroom incorporates aging-in-place features for visiting parents. The living room has been updated—ask me about the surprising story behind its remodel involving a colony of bats.

    Being at home during COVID prompted us to rethink our space, leading to the construction of an office/wellness space that incorporates Biophilic Design, eco-friendly materials enhancing indoor air quality, low-carbon footprint, energy efficiency, and promoting overall wellness. One of the more unique features of this building being the use of a ground frame foundation system, an alternative to a more traditional concrete foundation.

    We’ve also created an outdoor space that links the property’s buildings, allows us to use the property in ways previously unimaginable, and in line with many Biophilic Design principles.

    As we anticipate the next phase of our remodel is not to far away, we’re excited to share how our space has evolved, discuss our material choices, and share our remodeling experiences with you.

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