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Help us ensure that all members of the community interested in green building hear about the event and have the chance to attend. You can publicize the tour through your publication, events calendar, newsletter, social media, and any other channels. Don’t forget to let us know about your efforts by emailing so we can thank you for your help in supporting this great, educational event.

Become a Community Partner

If you are a member of an organization or local business that cares about green building, we invite you to join forces with us. As a community partner, you agree to help publicize the tour through your calendar, newsletter, social media, and any other channels through which you communicate with your members and constituents. We ask that each community partner share notice of the tour at least twice. If you are able to distribute this information to your network, please get in touch, and we will include your organization’s name on our website and thank you via social media.

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Register for your FREE tickets today!
The 2024 Northwest Green Home Tour on Saturday, April 27, 2024
The Northwest Green Home Tour is a FREE self-guided Tour that provides an opportunity for community members to learn about a full spectrum of sustainable building practices in homes from the people and businesses that support it.
Get inspired by projects throughout the Greater Seattle Area (and beyond!) in all shades of light to deep green, from backyard cottages and kitchen remodels to new homes built with cutting-edge green features. You’ll see and learn first-hand how your neighbors are generating their own electricity with solar panels, lowering their energy bills with insulation, creative solutions to keeping footprints as small as possible, and creating a healthier home environment for their families.
Learn from the experts and really understand “what makes it green” on this educational tour. Together we can build a better future! Get your FREE tickets today at

Presented by the Northwest EcoBuilding Guild.


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Thank you for your help in supporting this great, educational event!

Promotional Ads, Images, and More

Please follow this link to download ‘shareable’ graphics to use in promoting the tour on social media, websites, e-newsletters, and elsewhere.


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