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The 2022 Northwest Green Home Tour has concluded. Thank you to all who visited and please visit our YouTube Channel to view the virtual portions of the tour from the past 3 years.

Get inspired by projects in all shades of light to deep green, from backyard cottages and kitchen remodels to new homes built with cutting-edge green features. You’ll see and learn first-hand how your neighbors are generating their own electricity with solar panels, lowering their energy bills with insulation, and creating healthier home environments for their families with better building materials and systems. Learn from experts and really understand “what makes it green” on this educational tour. Together we can build a better future!

2022 SITES

These sites were included in the 2022 Northwest Green Home Tour.


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Thank you to our 2022 sponsors!

Dunn Lumber
Greenhome Solutions
Mighty House Construction
King County GreenTools
Second Use
Beneficial State Bank


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