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Showcase your project on the NW Green Home Tour

For dozens of site hosts, the annual Northwest Green Home Tour is a chance to educate the public about green building and connect with potential clients.

If you have a residential or multi-family project that you would like to showcase on the 2024 Tour, register now to get the greatest benefit from the event’s extensive publicity and advertising reach!

To be considered for the tour, please click the button above to start your online application. Be prepared with your contact info and information about what makes your site “green” at a minimum.

After you submit your application, our selection committee will review your site. Projects of every “shade” of green are encouraged to apply. If we are unable to include your project on the tour, we will notify you and refund any fees you have paid.

What’s happening in 2024!


  • Live tour sites should plan to be open from 11:00 am – 5:00 pm on Saturday April 27th. You, along with the homeowner, will need to determine what COVID health & safety measures you require beyond those mandated by the State of WA.

What to Expect:

There will be a site host orientation in March 2024. One of your team who will be hosting the site must attend. The orientation will likely be presented virtually.

Provide information and photos of your site in a timely fashion for publicity on the tour website and social media.

We will help you with green feature signs for your in-person tour to show and educate visitors about the green features of your site.

The NW Green Home Tour is a collaboration and contract between the NW Ecobuilding Guild and you, as green building professionals. We will all work together to promote the tour and draw in new visitors to become green building enthusiasts (and customers!)

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