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Mount Vernon Net-Zero Infill

    Walter Street Cottages LLC

    Saturday, April 29
    |  11 am Р5:00 pm

    Location: Mount Vernon, WA

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Electric Vehicle Charging, Energy Efficient, Energy Star Appliances, Indoor Air Quality, Solar Power, Storm Water Management

    Less than a mile from Mount Vernon’s historic downtown on the Skagit River, this house is certified Built Green Three-Star and DOE Zero-Energy-Ready. For trips not on bike or by foot, an electric vehicle charging plug is provided in the garage.

    An induction range and heat-pump water heater help efficiently eliminate the need for natural gas, along with a mini-split for heating and cooling. The heat-recovery ventilator supplies a constant flow of filtered fresh air while exhausting from the bathrooms and kitchen. The compact design helps reduce heating load while fitting on the small lot in an established neighborhood, with attractive traditional styling.

    Stormwater infiltrates through the pervious-concrete driveway and from the gutters to the underground backyard drain-rock bed. To maximize longevity, the metal roof has only a single penetration, as the solar array is clipped to the panel ridges. With a HERS score of -3, this home should provide sustainable living for many years.

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