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Wallingford Passive House

    Saturday, May 14
    |  9 am – 11:30 am

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Design Innovation, Electric Vehicle Charging, Energy Efficient, Energy Star Appliances, Indoor Air Quality, Solar Power, Storm Water Management

    This house represents a family’s determination to effect a cleaner future by building a certified passive house – a giant collection of the very big and very small choices that many owners, architects, and builders made this year, this week, today. From the owners’ perspective, the arrival of their daughter brought them greater worry about uncertain tomorrows, heightened awareness of their own ecological responsibility, and a keener eye for spotting points of leverage able to lift the future to the one we will need to first survive, then thrive.

    They began with a goal of a PHIUS+ Certified Passive House, and to their immense credit, remained unwavering in their determination to meet this goal. They devoted time, steered their budget to prioritize energy consciousness, and routinely bypassed options without hesitation that excluded certification. Join us to learn more!

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