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Park Side Cafe

    Saturday, April 29 |  11 am – 5:00 pm

    Location: Olympia, WA

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Energy Star Appliances, Storm Water Management

    The Park Side was built with reclamation and sustainability in mind. The wood on the outside of the building was sourced from Alaskan slash piles of yellow cedar. The siding is 100% reclaimed yellow cedar and the profile of the siding copies turn of the century profiling. The wood for the interior flooring downstairs and for the interior steps is also reclaimed Doug Fir flooring and lumber.

    We were not trying to reinvent the wheel here but used tried and true slower methods of construction. Small and local businesses were used to complete the construction as well as many skilled local craftspeople. Speed was not important in the construction, but care was. The vision of the café, to nourish and foster the community with organic and locally sourced cuisine, also speaks to sustainability by reducing the travel time for goods to get to our café.

    We microprocess many of our own sauces, syrups, and cheeses, further cutting down on vast uses of travel time and storage energy. The mission and vision of the Park Side are to slow the mad, wasteful pace of the modern world and bring it into an old-fashioned slower gear. By the slow labor of many hands, we can bring beautiful nutritious food to the community in a sustainable way.

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