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Old Ballard Home Goes All Electric!

    Saturday, April 29 |  11 am – 5:00 pm

    Location: Ballard

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Energy Efficient, Energy Star Appliances, Indoor Air Quality

    Starting over 20 years ago, this homeowner has transformed an energy/oil-guzzling 1916 home with an average energy bill of over $1300/year into a net zero, energy efficient, comfortable, and healthy home.

    Beginning on the exterior with a new roof, new gutters, and a city-sponsored/funded rain garden, the basement shortly followed and was made watertight and structurally sound with an internal footing and footing drain. Once the moisture intrusion issue was resolved, the ‘real’ work could begin.

    The crawlspace was ‘conditioned’ (super insulated and air sealed) with a DC powered fan venting 24/7. The old oil furnace and underground tank were decommissioned. The basement was air sealed and insulated. The air handler for the first and second floor heat pump and new hermetically sealed ductwork were installed in the crawl/basement, with the compressor hidden in the front garden area. The electric baseboard heaters were replaced by a ductless mini split in the ‘finished’ attic/master bedroom area.

    The 30-year-old carpeting on the first floor was replaced with cork flooring and new wool carpeting. A 20-year-old water heater was replaced with a heat pump water heater (with the added benefit of dehumidifying the basement).

    ‘Indow’ Windows were purchased for all of the original windows, increasing their insulating ability, and decreasing the noise transmission of a busy street, while realizing a payback of 15 years, instead of 60.

    Solar panels were installed taking full advantage of all local, state, and federal rebates. And finally, the obsolete kitchen was recently rebuilt and updated. All electric and energy efficient appliances were installed including LED lighting and an induction cooktop. All cabinetry, flooring, and counter materials were locally sourced and/or manufactured with non-toxic finishes, completing the recipe for a comfortable, environmentally friendly, energy conscious, healthy home with a yearly energy bill of $85.

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