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SS00 Indie Tiny Home

    SS00 Indie Tiny Home

    314 35th Ave NE

    Olympia, WA 98506



    11 AM – 5 PM

    Site Description
    FEATURES: Energy Efficiency, Small Building Footprint

    Custom built tiny home on wheels (THOW) using a 28ft triple Axel trailer, house dimensions 30×8.5×13.6, Separett 9215 AC/DC urine diverting composting toilet, on demand LP water heater outside mount(designed for all weather conditions), LP 4 burner stove, Mitsubishi inverter (heating/cooling), Cork flooring, wired for solar for future off grid option, generator outlet. All LED energy efficient lighting, USB ports, Wool insulation, Haier all in one ventless washer/dryer, Milgard energy star windows, doors and skylights, many reclaimed/repurposed products were used throughout this build. As a life long minimalist I have embraced the Tiny home movement for many years, I am a passionate advocate for Tiny homes as a viable and sustainable resource to overcome our current and ongoing affordable housing and homelessness crisis.

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