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Hilltop Project: Mid-Century Modern Remodel & Energy Upgrade

    Saturday, April 27 |  11 am – 5:00 pm

    Location: SE Bellevue

    Site Description

    FEATURES: Design Innovation, Energy Efficient, Energy Star Appliances, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Remodel, Storm Water Management

    On the top of a hill, nestled amidst a beautiful landscape of native flora and fauna, sits the stunning Peperzak-Hosey residence.

    Designed by John Detlie (an architect, Hollywood set designer, and husband to star Veronica Lake) this Hilltop neighborhood home was badly in need of updating for both spaces and systems.

    CTA Design Builders contacted us about the project – we were to build a semi-detached office with a kitchenette and bathroom, along with remodeling the dated kitchen and updating the basement space.

    The office emerges from the end of the carport, blending modern design with functionality. With minimalist design and ample natural light, it fosters focus and inspiration. This space embodies the evolution of remote work, where comfort and autonomy drive success.

    The kitchen space was cramped and hemmed in by walls, cut off from the outside view with dated cabinetry. New plans called for an expansion of the kitchen space by removing walls, removing the existing soffit, moving and adding windows and reorienting the kitchen.

    This also required adding more linear feet to the existing cedar ceiling – which needed to match the existing stain exactly for continuity throughout the home.

    We accomplished this by removing the entire ceiling, sanding off the original stain, finding additional cedar and then staining all of the material with matched stain and reinstalling it all.

    Built in 1952 without a single thought about energy efficiency or the modern kitchen; CTA went about creating spaces that embrace modern living without compromising on comfort. The home’s kitchen layout was re-imagined with the flow of a busy family life in mind, opening the spaces and inviting in natural light through the expansive windows.

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