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Greenhome Solutions Showroom

    Greenhome Solutions Storeroom – Ask the Materials Experts! 

    Open (virtually) Saturday, Sept 13
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    1210 W Nickerson St

    Seattle, WA 981119


    1210 W Nickerson St

    Seattle, WA 98119

    Site Description
    FEATURES: Materials Efficiency, Design Innovation, Water Conservation, Indoor Air Quality

    PaperStone recycled paper countertops made here in Washington, sustainably harvested hardwood and cork flooring, custom charred ’Shou Sugi Ban’ siding using local FSC Certified Doug Fir, healthy and durable Marmoleum flooring in endless colors and application options, and natural wool carpet the color of the sheep it came from.  These are just a few examples of the types of sustainably-made products available at Greenhome Solutions.

    Located in Seattle on Nickerson Street, near the south end of the Ballard Bridge, Greenhome Solutions provides affordable, sustainable building products. The store caters to builders, designers, architects and contractors, as well as to homeowners and DIYers. The 4,000+ square foot showroom displays hundreds of green products, most of which can also be shopped online:

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