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S8 Garage to Mother-in-Law Cottage

    S8 Garage to Mother-in-Law Cottage Transformation

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    9026 13th Ave SW

    Seattle, WA 98126-3905


    11:00 AM – 5:00 PM 

    Site Description
    FEATURES: Design Innovation, Indoor Air Quality, Small Building Footprint 

    This petite backyard cottage has been created from a former garage, which was a super efficient way to keep construction costs down for a one-bedroom tiny home. The collaborative team of LD Arch Design and Envision Remodels worked with a highly involved and creative homeowner to maximize the green and cozy features on a tight budget, including a hybrid heat system with a ductless heat pump supplemented by efficient infrared cove heaters supplied by Mighty Energy Solutions. This is a great stop if you have an existing garage you are thinking about converting – you can hear about our “lessons learned.” But it also has some good design options for anyone with a small space or tight budget, and even includes barrier-free design elements to allow for aging in place. 

    Key green features:
    •    Efficient heating systems – ductless mini split heat pumps and efficient infrared cove heaters
    •    Some “tiny house” sized appliances – compact refrigerator, washer/dryer, and dishwasher
    •    Sustainable, healthy interior finishes – engineered eucalyptus flooring
    •    Energy efficient light fixtures – LED disk lights and Solatube with integrated lighting
    •    Good insulation, air sealing, and windows – including tapered rigid insulation over the existing concrete slab (to level the former garage floor)
    •    Green stormwater management – roof drains to rain garden

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