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    N8 DANDU 

    Abode Logo.jpg

    10730 B 1st Ave NW

    Seattle, WA


    11 AM – 5 PM

    Site Description
    FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Design Innovation, Electric Vehicle Charging, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Conservation, Small Building Footprint, Solar Power, Water Conservation 

    Don't miss the DANDU a super energy efficient backyard cottage built on a shoestring budget. 

    Solar water heat from Silk Road Solar warms the floor and the water. Compostable siding (shou sugi ban) that never needs paint. Prefab speeds construction time. SIPS (structural insulated panels) are made locally and help achice little to no energy use! Triple pane windows and stairs built from school bleachers. Trying new things to help you have a better home, help save the earth and Seattle's housing crisis in your very own back yard. 

    The DANDU is built by Dan at Abode Builders.

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