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Brier Homestead

    Earth Homes LLC

    Saturday, May 14
    |  9 am – 11 am


    Site Description

    FEATURES: Advanced Building Envelope, Design Innovation, Energy Efficient, Indoor Air Quality, Materials Efficiency, Small Square Footage, Storm Water Management, Water Conservation
    The Brier Homestead, in addition to its painfully beautiful setting and aesthetic, features a host of adaptive systems and designs that speak to the future of biophilic homebuilding and carbon-neutralizing industrial standards. Starting from the ground up, this house includes:

    + Concrete-free, natural, earthen composite floor slab made with clay harvested and processed onsite
      – The connection to the land is fostered through multiple avenues in utilizing the local earth to make the house and keeping concrete from obstructing the feet from the earth.

    + Completely paint-free house!
      – In lieu of latex, oil, vinyl or any kind of paint, walls are hand-troweled with our innovative blend of natural clay plaster that is the most cost-effective of any high-end natural finish on the market.
      – Clay plaster promotes air quality by ionizing molecules that densify dust particles to take them out of the air and pulling toxins from the breathable space.
      – No toxic waste is created and no off-gassing occurs with clay plaster and the hand-finished aesthetic creates a sense of comfort and care mentally.

    + Natural ICF (insulated concrete form) Faswall blocks from Shelterworks stacked to form exterior shell.
      – Resemble cinder blocks but are made with binded, de-mineralized recycled pallet woodchips.
      – Faswall systems use 17% of the concrete that standard concrete walls require, without compromising structural integrity and substantially better energy performance.
      – Faswall is designed to be a generational building material with an enduring lifespan.

    + Extra-thick factory-produced SIP panels from Premier Building Systems used in roof structuring.
      – Foam-insulated panels create profound acoustic and thermal insulation.
      – Prefabricated structural components reduce material and labor costs significantly.
      – Guaranteed longevity and low long-term maintenance create residential stability and ease.

    + Large, passive-solar designed, south-facing windows
      – Passive heating year-round
      – Inherent light source minimizes electric usage
      – Visual connection to natural surroundings supports mental health and calm¹

    + Efficient open-concept structural design
      – Intuitive layout accommodates both solitude and socialization easily
      – Designed with aging and accessibility in mind
      – Layout informed by functional movement patterns and physiological ease

    + Geothermally-supported, whole-house, ventilation (HRV) system
      – Earth bermmed wall supports passive heating and cooling, reducing energy demand and buffering temperature fluctuations
      – Even small amounts of wood in the small, modern woodstove ‘charges’ up internal thermal mass to maintain comfortable heat all day and night

    + Waste water heat recovery system
      – Waste water carries a lot of unused heat!
      – We configured plumbing in this house to pre-heat the water lines going into the water heater by capturing the heat of waste water, reducing the energetic demand for warm or hot water.
      – Using human waste as an energetic resource helps create a highly-sustainable circular economy in the home of high-permacultural standards.


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