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SS20 Bowman House

    SS20 Bowman House

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    4328 Fawcett Ave.

    Tacoma, WA 9841



    11 AM – 5 PM

    Site Description
    FEATURES: Energy Efficiency, Urban Farming, Solar Energy 

    The Bowman Family showcases energy efficiency with a solar array on the roof (installed by South Sound Solar) and a ductless heat system. In addition, the family grows their own food and raises chickens which provide fresh eggs and fertilizer for the garden. Our home also includes a rain recovery system, a drip irrigation system and an off grid hot tub. We have also added 2 rabbits to our critter menagerie. 

    The Bowman Family wants to share with the community their journey to live a more healthy sustainable life and that this journey is not as difficult or overwhelming as people believe it is. This doesn't happen all at once, it is a journey of joy and self discovery.

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